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This website uses Meteobridge (4.4 build 13613 TL-MR3020) for weather conditions reporting.

347.53 KB is strikes.txt file size used by Blitzortung.
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Thu, 06-Aug-2020 5:33pm EDT
Meteobridge realtime Current 0:01:15 Thu, 06-Aug-2020 5:32pm EDT
Meteobridge FTP Current 0:00:40 Thu, 06-Aug-2020 5:33pm EDT
Meteobridge weather data Current 0:01:26 Thu, 06-Aug-2020 5:32pm EDT
Cron animation Blitzortung Current 0:03:33 Thu, 06-Aug-2020 5:30pm EDT

See the blog for station and site updates and info. Rogers City Weather Nibbleblog

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