Manual CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge

Data Explorer for CoCoRaHS Manual Gauge

NovaLynx Gauge status: NovaLynx Rain gauge fully operational with cover off.

False rain counts status: No known False Counts on any gauge.

NovaLynx Gauge Winter Cover! means that the NovaLynx gauge is covered and no precipitation will be counted and will show as 0.00 in. The NovaLynx gauge is not heated like the VP2 and snow would not be recorded until it melted.

False Rain Counts! means that the VP2, NovaLynx or Hydreon gauge has been disturbed when it was not raining. If the gauges are bumped they will count rain that has actually not occurred. Sometimes this happens during testing.

Meteobridge PRO has been reconfigured for VP2 for all uploads and web page display. The Davis VP2 rain gauge is heated and will be used in the winter months. The NovaLynx gauge may be covered, check the status at the top of the page.

Manual precipitation measurements (rain and snow) are reported daily at 8:00 AM on the CoCoRaHS Network. See the CoCoRaHS link on the left Navigation stub for the latest report.

ISS versus NovaLynx Rain Gauge

Plot of Davis ISS Rain Collector and NovaLynx 8 inch Rain Gauge.

Wind Direction and Speed are from an anemometer and vane located near VP2 rain gauge.

Weather Chart

Rain with peak gusts.

Weather Chart

Wind Direction and Speed near VP2 rain gauge.

Weather Chart

Left Y-axis is Davis, Right Y-axis is NovaLynx

NovaLynx Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge Photo

The NovaLynx is the White and Black unit on right. The Davis 6332 SIM transmitter on the arm jutting out sends the data to the Envoy8x receiver. The clear gauge is the CoCoRaHS gauge on the immediate left.


Temp/Humidity Station Hydreon Rain

Plot of Davis Temp/Hum Station Hydreon Gauge. Hydreon is in tipping bucket emulation mode for 0.001 inch/tip. This will be used to better judge rain start and stop times.

This will indicate 10x the actual amount of rain on the other gauges.

Latest Interval

Weather Chart

Prior Interval

Weather Chart

Charts via Meteohub and Envoy8x. Uploaded by Meteohub.